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Hey there! 👋

I'm Joshua, a Sequential Art major with a huge passion for cartooning, movies, and video games! I've always been interested in more creative-oriented fields, with shows like Adventure Time and SpongeBob being huge inspirations for me, and I'm currently working my way towards becoming a storyboard artist because of that, with the hopes of even running my own show someday! My current project is called Venure, a comic about an adventerous amphibian and his loyal fly friend. You can find that now under the Comics section above!

With all that being said, you won't only find comics on this site. I also enjoy playing and creating music as a hobby, and you can find some of the songs I've finished over on the Music tab above. I'm also interested in game development, so you might even be able to find games on here some day, too!

I'm still working on this site and adding new stuff, so be sure keep checking back every now and then!