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                    April 27, 2024                    
After nearly a year, there's finally a new Venture comic! I'm super proud of this one, and I think it may be the best one to date. Go check it out!

                    April 13, 2024                    
Been working on the site some more, and I'm really happy with how everything's turning out! You may've also noticed a pretty huge change in your URL bar. That's right, this site's finally got a custom domain! It's about time!

That's about it for this (short) news update. Have a good weekend, everyone!

                    April 7, 2024                    
Happy April, everyone! As you may have already noticed, there've been a couple of changes on this website recently. I decided to finally give this place a much needed mini overhaul, and I'm really liking the new changes! I've also got a couple of new projects in the works, so you may have noticed some new pages starting to pop up. Hopefully I'll have some stuff on them soon! Anyway, that's all for now! Happy Spring!

                    March 8, 2024                    
Wow, three months into 2024 already! Haven't posted on here in a while, but I'm gonna try to change that (for real this time!). I've been working on some new pages for the website and I'm even debating on overhauling the entire thing, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, you can check out the brand new (and broken!) Short Stories page! Hopefully I can get that one fixed up soon. Sorry about the long hiatus again! Spring break is coming up, so expect some changes on here soon! Until next time!

                    November 20, 2023                    
Can't believe I haven't posted here since August! Whoops! I was pretty busy with school for those three-ish months I wasn't posting, but I'm on winter break now! So (hopefully) you can expect more posts - and maybe some new music (!!) - soon!

                         August 17, 2023                    
Just got my PO-33 in the mail today, and I've been having a ton of fun with it! I just posted a new track to the Music page, and there'll be more to come soon!

                         August 1, 2023                    
You may have noticed the animations I've been posting over on the Junk page! I've been wanting to experiment with the medium for a while now, and I just bought ToonSquid (which I've only been using for about an hour now and is, by the way, awesome), so expect to see a lot more of those!

                         July 20, 2023                    
I just posted a new song (it's been a while since I made one of those!) to the Music Player page! It's called Sunsets by the Ocean, and it's meant to give off a summery evening vibe! Go check it out!

                         July 3, 2023                    
Whoops! Sorry about the nearly month-and-a-half long hiatus! Haven't had much to post on here since summer break started, but I definitely want to change that! More posts coming soon™!

                         May 22, 2023                    
Part two of Venture: Wanted is now live! Venture will be going on hiatus for bit, at least until I get around to making some more. I'll be sure to post on here when the series returns!

                         May 15, 2023                    
Sorry about the small hiatus! Had a lot going on schoolwork-wise these past two weeks, so I haven't had the chance to post anything until now. Anyway, I have some good news! Remember how in the last post I said there was only one more Venture comic left? Well, I lied! I actually have one more, two page comic! That's right, two whole pages! Be sure to keep a lookout for those, starting with page one on Friday!

                         May 2, 2023                    
We're coming up on the end of Venture comics for a while! This Friday will be the last comic before a hiatus for a little bit. It's also the biggest (and most colorful) comic so far, so keep an eye out for it at the end of the week!

                      Apr. 21, 2023                    
I've gotta fix up some of the website directories since they're super unorganized in the editor right now, so the site may act a little buggy for a bit while I'm fixing everything up.                               UPDATE:                             Got everything up and running again. Should be working now!

                      Apr. 19, 2023                    
Finally got a new Venture comic up! Been forgetting to post them, so there are actually still a few more weeks worth of comics until I made some more.

                    Mar. 27, 2023                    
Shh don't tell anyone but I missed Friday's comic.

                    Mar. 21, 2023                    
I've currently got about six more Venture comics stockpiled, so I'll be updating the page with new comics every Monday and Friday for the next three weeks. After that, the series is gonna be on a bit of a hiatus until I get more finished.

                    Mar. 19, 2023                    
Got the new Venture and Junk gallery pages up and running! Go check 'em out!

                    Mar. 19, 2023                    
Working on setting up the Junk page where I can dump all of my misc. stuff, and cleaning up the comics page a bit. Also yes, this post is just an excuse to use this new page.

                    Mar. 19, 2023                    
Decided to set up a little news page where I can post updates to the things I'm working on! I don't have much to post yet, but stay tuned!